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Art is an extremely hard focus to make a breakthrough in. The competition is incredible and most people don't know how to successfully market themselves or their art. Five AM Arts is here to help. Sure you can make a FB page and maybe set up your own web page but unless you know the intricacies of digital marketing and branding it can be impossible to actually create an audience around your work and consistently sell your art and image.

Our main goal is to help you achieve a level most artists only dream about at their day jobs. We want to give you the peace that only comes from being able to quite that day job and make a living being successful at creating what you love, Art!

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Generate Interest

Tell your story! Create your Portfolio to generate a fan base and display your past and current projects 

Collaborate with other Artists

Use your Five AM Arts Profile to meet and connect with other artists. Explore new mediums and techniques, find answers that only veteran artists know and join forces to create new styles and Art pieces together

Sell Your Art

Become a Five AM Arts creator or a featured artist and Sell Your Art on our amazing store. Want to go it alone? Learn everything you need to create and market your own brand with a pro status agency that has your back 

All Kinds

We don't focus on any one style or medium of art. Our goal is to celebrate and create success for artists of all styles and focus.  From music and painting to wood carving, basket weaving, sculpting and more. Our minds are open and we want to see what you put your heart and soul into!

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Five AM Arts

There is a place for writers here as well. We are all about pure creation and writing definitely falls under that category. It's a very similar focus to art because most writers never see any success until after they’re already dead! We love writers of all kinds and genres and want to help them get noticed as a writer so they can create a fan base that can support them with praise, criticism and donations. One of the hardest parts about being a writer is that it just takes so long to finish something and besides wanting to be an author there isn’t any positive motivation for them to keep going and realize the scope of their ideas. Our Writers Portfolio will allow writers to receive the will, inspiration and financial support to help them achieve their goals and recognition for their work.

A Little Hope

We know how difficult it can be as a writer so we wanted to give people a chance to donate to your continued efforts so that you can focus on what you love.

Collaborate with other Writers

Use your writers Profile to meet and connect with other writers, authors and poets.

Short Story & Poetry Contests

It is our hope that we can begin hosting Short story and Poetry Contests for cash prizes in the future.